Mobile ECU Remap

Unleash the true potential of your car, boosting performance and throttle response with a Dynamic Tuning ECU Remap. We can rewrite the files in your car’s engine control unit and as a result you will see substantial increases in performance, responsiveness and economy.

Why choose Dynamic Tuning:

We are one of the largest vehicle ECU Remap Specialists in the North West. Dynamic Tuning was established to offer the very best mobile ECU Remap service available. We Strive for perfection in the science of car tuning software. Nothing is left to chance, our ECU Remap R&D is the most serious and dedicated in the chip tuning industry.
A Dynamic Tuning remap is insured and fully custom to each vehicle. The services we provide include economy tuning, performance tuning for over 5000 different vehicles. Details on all of the tuning services are on our website, or just email
Our BlueOptimize™ economy tuning software is recognised by the Chamber of Commerce winning the regional award for Innovation through Technology.

Services from Dynamic Tuning:

We cover the whole of the North West and can visit at your chosen time and location. We also supply handheld tuning devices for you to tune your own vehicle meaning you can remove at any time.
Whatever the vehicle, we can help. From cars and vans to HGVs, 4x4s, motorhomes, coaches and even some motorbikes. All remaps come with a seven day money back guarantee. All our remaps come with insurance backed guarantee, so customers can be confident they are getting the very best service. We will even offer you a lifetime guarantee on our tuning maps too.

Our Services

We offer a bespoke mobile ecu engine remapping  service for all types of vehicles. Whether it is a petrol or diesel engine we can provide the very best tuning solution.
If you are looking to reduce fuel consumption we will tune your engine in such a way to increase the MPG from your vehicle. If you are wishing to increase the power of your car again we will adjust the file parameters so that there are no adverse effects to reliability. This will give a sharper throttle response and with smoother power delivery.
We have created a Vehicle list that will give you a guide to the vehicles and gains available from ECU remapping. This list is not exhaustive so if your vehicle does not appear please Contact Us with details and we will get straight back to you .